Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cute Little Baby Of Mine...

Oliver had some signs of Jaundice while we were in the hospital, we have taken him off and on to test his Jaundice level and it apparently kept rising, so he has to have a billy bed at home...He hates this bed, and I was up most of the night with him fussing from being in it...sigh...Currently today he is doing fine in it, hes napping right now! We have to take him later to have a test done and I am really hoping his level has already started to drop from what it was...His doctor calls his type of Jaundice Breast Milk Jaundice...Hopefully it wont last long...as a mother my heart breaks for this little new guy...I have never had to deal with this before...its all new to me too...The hospital said his Jaundice was caused from the bruising on his head from the delivery and it just got worse over the days since he is nursing...Either way he is still cute all glowing and stuff in his little bed(:   Please keep him in prayers, that his Jaundice goes away quickly! Thank you so very much...*Blessings*

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  1. Hugs to Peanut. Let us know how todays doctor visit goes.


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