Friday, November 18, 2011


The night came and went, other then a few contractions here and there, having to wake to go to the bathroom, and my toddlers bleeding nose...The joys of mommyhood, I know we would all love to be cleaning the bloody nose all night :/ thankfully it stopped and he went back to sleep! Everyone was awake today by 7AM...since I am not feeling so great the kids are all watching PBS{yep I know what a awful parent I am letting the TV sit for a while for me}...Seriously I am exhausted and just dont feel my normal self today...I guess all the wondering of my mind is keeping me all disheveled...I keep wondering just how long someone can stay at 3cm dilated before the fun starts?! I looked online yesterday and of the few things I read said anywhere from hours-weeks...Yea I dont want weeks, I am pulling for hours today! I would really like the baby to come on its own, I dont actually want a induction but I know that if the baby isnt here by Sunday thats the plan...My husband actually made me sleep on a towel last night, his reasoning: "I dont want to mess up the bed"...HA...hes concerned about the bed...I thought it was really funny! 

So I am really hoping today is the day, I guess I will know obviously if I wake up at home tomorrow ;)...Now I am off to lay on the couch...I hope everyone has a great Friday...Blessings!

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