Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Getting Back In The Groove!

The groove of things has been kinda a mix lately...very un-normal for me, and the kids! We havent done school much, they have mostly played and enjoyed themselves since I have been on bedrest, me not so much...My children strive on structure, order, rules and mostly schooling, its a big part of their days as well as mine...Since not doing school I feel the word lazy has crept in and taken over on many parts, things that before bed rest I was taking steps to correct with them has in ways just fell to the side to avoid any disruptions...However being a parent as well as their teacher and helper I do not in any way like this! I dont like the kids being in ways lazy...what parent actually does?! So with that said...

Today will be a little different from the past few weeks...I have not yet got a OK to come off bed rest fully...However to be honest I feel fine and while I know resting is very important, so are my duties as mother and teacher and homemaker...I cannot due to circumstances just let things fall the way side, I also cannot let my children run around like heathens and not do anything just because of the situation either, what good is that going to do bringing home a baby and having to fully makeover the kids all at the same time?! No good for me, no good for Hubby, no good for the kids...So, instead of just laying around all day and allowing them to do what they want for the most part, we will be doing school today...they will be doing their chores and rules will be set back in place...I am set on having things done the way I want them to be done in my home, I want my children back to their normalcy and myself back to some type of normalcy before the baby does come{24 days and counting down}...Although I know that the kids will have to adjust to a new baby in the house, we all will to some degree, but I cannot deal with laziness too at that same time...

My actual plans since the baby is due anytime now honestly is to do school with the kids, and just enjoy the time before the baby comes along with keeping them in their routine of normalcy...I dont plan to over do anything, if things become to crazy I know to limit it as much as possible...But along with a new baby, we have 2 birthdays coming up...Andrew will be 5 in January, and Gaby 7 in February...and with new years coming on quick for the kids so are new attitudes and new adjustments needing to be made...I can already see a lot of this new stuff coming out in them...and to be blunt its rather annoying! However I know they are learning and I am too right along with them...I have never had a 7 year old, nor a 5 year old boy...so this is going to be all new for me too...not to mention that Isaiah, my little Isaiah has decided to be our terror child...of course the motto is: Terrible Two's but with the other 2 kids I never had to go through that...they were not at all like Isaiah, he is a mixture of his own, stubborn, do it myself, I will get you for that little boy...and its driving me crazy...so implementing time out's for him is what I am starting with along with showing him that his actions are not ok...again all new for me...but I figure what I can nip in the bud now I need to before baby comes! 

So, I am off to shower, and then start our day...I hope everyone has a great 1st Day of November...Winter is right around the corner so we must enjoy the last few bits of Fall...well yall can, we are supposed to be getting snow tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday from what the weather says on my phone...sigh...Fall is over here...so yall enjoy it for me(:

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