Monday, November 07, 2011

Miscellany Monday: My Pondering's & Thought's...

* Obviously Baby weighs heavy on my mind...WHEN IS THIS BABY COMING?!...tis my question...I wish sooner then later, I am tired of being pregnant and feeling large, and being shoved all in the ribs, oh and not to mention I want to know what the baby is!

* Chocolate...enough said...

* What to do with the stack of maternity clothes in my room that well...umm...I cannot wear now due to the season change or growing...mostly season change...but what to do with them?!

* Bibles...I got a new one ordered, one that I cannot wait to get to my house so I can dive in and read it...I have one but its a study bible and it distracts me with all the pretty pictures and interesting facts...SO, I bought a plain Jane one with 4 bible translations and so I am set to read it...thankfully it shipped today and should arrive hopefully by the weekend(:

* Missionaries...I went to a conference this past Saturday and the speaker is a missionary and also the wife of one of the teachers at the school my husband goes to...Its was {AWESOME} and now my mind is thinking of all the mission work that could be done and people who still need Jesus and the little kids who have never even heard of Jesus...Oh the thoughts! 

* Sitters: who in the world is going to watch my 3 kids when I go into labor?! Still pondering this one!

* Curricula...never leaves a home school moms mind...its always tucked nicely in the back corner!

* The holidays: Obviously I will NOT be cooking for Thanksgiving...but then there is Christmas, and I am still pondering at what to get the kids this year...mainly just Gaby...the boys are easy peasy!

I am sure I could continue this list but I will spare your eyes of a longer list(:  See I am considerate of others!...Hope everyone has a great Monday...Blessings!

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