Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Playlist...What Music To listen to during labor?!

Well, of course the baby has to come out at some point, Id rather sooner then later obviously considering I feel huge and well the last few weeks and days of pregnancy are the hardest because you want the baby out and you are just tired of being pregnant!...I have had my bags packed for about month now actually due to all the craziness of this pregnancy and not really knowing when the baby would need to come or would I went ahead and just got them ready down to the bringing home outfits for the baby...I actually havent really decided what all I wanted to go the hospital with me but I figured I would decide at some point...I do know other then toiletries, clothes, a pillow and such I would bring my Bible and of course my phone...who leaves without their cell phone?! Thankfully the one I have allows music! So today I have been searching online for good music to listen to through labor...I have found some great artists and songs and have my headphones in my purse to pull out once we get settled into a room...Now, of course I have no idea when this baby is coming, my appointment tomorrow will determine the actual induction date that could possibly be tomorrow or Friday...or I could just go into labor on my own which would be GREAT, I know its much easier for women that way due to the contractions and such, so I would rather that, but its not in my hands really...Only God can make the baby come before the Doctor decides to induce...Anyways, I figured maybe someone may have some thoughts as to some artists out there that would be good to listen to during labor...

My Requirements: No cussing, nothing like rap, prefer Christian and instrumental...

So, do you know of anyone who I should add to my playlist?


  1. whew.. music.. well I love Casting Crowns, Toby Mac, Collective Soul,
    & etc.. When I was in labor I didn't want to hear talking, t.v., etc..
    I love music but I don't know if that would of helped lol ... But I pray you find comfort in it and hope the precious one comes soon for you, I know how it was to feel like you were going to bust.. God bless you and your family... The new baby is an awesome Thanksgiving present.. and someone to be thankful for.. Sometimes I miss the baby days.

  2. What? No cussing? But that's so "you."

    Seriously, how 'bout some instrumental jazz? I would browse around and some places let you listen for a bit before you buy.


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