Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pregnancy @ 38 Weeks...

{38 Weeks Pregnant}

Baby Stats: 18-20 inches in length, head and abdomen are about the same size, weighs anywhere from 6-9lbs, may have a inch or so of hair, and is shedding the the white coating called vernix caseosa that has protected the skin during the pregnancy, although some will still be visible at birth.

Pregnancy Stats: I am still having issues sleeping at night between bathroom breaks and the thoughts of how L&D will mind has been on the baby so much lately, I cannot wait to meet this little person! I started craving Doritos's lately so I bought the biggest bag the store had(:  {don't point fingers, you know you have a stash somewhere ;) }...I still actually don't eat that much at a sitting, I am snacker really! My feet are somewhat swollen but nothing to be concerned with, its normal to swell this late in pregnancy...I have found it a little easier to breathe now that the baby isnt so scrunched and has dropped...I am still cleaning everything, since I dont know when the baby will be coming I have found that I want to make sure the house stays somewhat clean and laundry done and put away rather then having to do it when we leave the hospital...

Yesterday I posted about music and thought since I am giving this little update I will share what in my Pandora Playlist for the here is some of what I hope to listen to during labor to keep my mind off the pain since I am not pain tolerant ;) {I plead the 5th when it comes to whats labor really like}...

-Burlap to Cashmere
-Natalie Grant
-Point of Grace
-Andrew Peterson
-John Waller
-The David Crowder Band
-Mary Mary
-Contemporary Gospel
-Southern Gospel
-Phillips, Craig, and Dean
-The Isaacs
-Hillsong United
-Jaime Grace
-Bebo Norman
-Kari Jobe
-The Crabb Family

Ok, so that is not by far all of whats in my playlist but you get the idea of what I listen to...Some of those I grew up listening to, while others are new to me still and some I have listened to for a few years! I think I have everything ready for the hospital now, so its just a waiting game at this point...Hopefully not too much longer(:

UPDATE: I had a appointment today for my regular routine of things NST, Ultrasound, and OB visit...the NST was of course uneventful for the most part but enough to show the baby was reactive which is what they are looking for...The Ultrasound of course shows the baby being over 8lbs and I measure a week ahead...I am also 3cm dilated currently, so with that said the doctor is inducing me Sunday Morning if I dont have the baby before then...which I have this umption that I will...soon...I have had slight contractions all evening and a odd feeling that my hubby should not be at class even though I didnt tell him that :/  so I guess if anything happens I will be calling him...

*Hope everyone has a great night*


  1. Praying you deliver your beautiful baby before Sunday!

    I am not pain tolerant either, so I totally understand. (((Hugs)))

  2. I'm so excited. I can't wait to hold Peanut and actually find out what his or her name is.

    You know, TODAY would be a great day to welcome the newest Engelman into the family....just saying... Love ya.


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