Friday, November 04, 2011

Seeking God In Curriculum Choices...

Curriculum, does it honestly ever leave a home schooling mothers mind? In my opinion I highly doubt it, we are always on the prowl for things that will work with our children and will better suit their needs...Since we haven't been doing much schooling lately due to our circumstances other then gradually starting back up with Gaby this week, I had time to look for what to use next year...I have realized all my children learn differently, they like different things and different things will cater to their needs...I prayed the whole time that God lead me where I needed the mouse to go...I prayed and prayed and asked questions and researched things and finally have the list completed...Curriculum is one of the hardest things to decide on when you home school, there are so many things out there you can use, ranging in price, look, and learning styles...No two curriculum's are actually near the same...I have found what I like to use and what suits my children, with God's wonderful help and insight into things like for example learning Spanish next year for not only the kids but me...Hubby is currently learning Spanish for his mission trip but God has showed me that we may not be living in the US in the next 5 years, we could possibly be moving out of this country and we will need to know this language to some degree...I will need to know it in 2 years due to my own mission trip if accepted into CBC...
Sometimes I feel parents cater to themselves and what they want their children to know, rather then what God wants their children to know...I did that last year in some ways and even this year in some ways but I promised myself and God that I would not do that again this coming year, that I would seek what He wanted my children to know whatever it be...I chose to seek Him in our home schooling journey, He was the one to lead me to this decision anyways and He should fully be included in the items of purchase for the kids in the years He has us home schooling...I am just happy my list is done and happily sitting in a folder waiting until Spring to purchase...The items are great, and I feel God lead me there to them...I honestly think with having God help me in this choice next year will be our funnest year thus far...even baby will be learning with us(:  All new adventures and fun moments for us! Lots of reading, learning, free play, and of course the basics and most importantly God will be taught in many ways...Overall my reason for this post, is to just to say to seek God in the choices of curriculum, not just the looks of it or the reviews of it...He knows whats best for your child and knows your child much better then you do...Blessings!!!

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  1. I hope you and the children have a lot of fun learning Spanish! I have no doubt that you can use it even if you never leave the country.

    I've learnt over the years that there are MANY very good curriculum providers. Not many are "wrong" or "bad," though some are more secular and don't have a prayer on every page. The best curriculum is the one that you will USE and your children will learn from. I hope you have a great year and that baby arrives safely when it's ready! :)


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