Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Early Riser...

The Early Bird Gets The Worm!
How many of us go through the phase of early rising? In my honest opinion I believe that at some point in everyones life they do...it may be at different ages for various reasons but we all do in my opinion...I currently have a early riser, my almost 5yo son. He has done this for years...I honestly mean years. When he was around 1.5yo he got a ear infection, and due to that issue started waking up really early...It has never left. His earliness changes all.the.time! Some days its 5AM, then others its 4AM, Ive even had the 2AM...Now that we have the boys in a room together I am not a fan of the whole early rising. Andrew tends to wake up Isaiah who honestly needs his sleep or we just wont have a good day...Currently Andrew is doing much better, he is sleeping until around 6:30 and sometimes 7AM, we do have those odd days where he wakes up to go to the bathroom and never goes back to sleep...but those are slowly starting to fade...We have also mostly nixed his nap time and he goes to bed at 7PM rather then staying up until 8PM...he just needs his sleep! With the time change over the past weekend the kids did ok for the most part on their sleeping...Monday morning rolled around and Andrew woke up at 5:30AM, however that was really 6:30AM his body hasnt adjusted to it yet, which nor has anyones honestly...I am sure by the weekend we will all be fine..anyways, I happened to talk to my grandmother on the phone, I talk to her most every day...Heres how the conversation somewhat went:

*G-ma-You sound really tired are you getting any sleep?
*K-yea I am tired but mostly due to Andrew waking up so early due to the time change.
*G-ma-Does he ever sleep in the mornings?
*K-Well sometimes but most often he is the first person up.
*G-ma- Have you took him to the doctor?
*K- No, dont see a point to do that...why?
*G-ma- Well have you thought he may have ADHD like ___? 
*K- Mamaw, Andrew doesnt have ADHD, that has nothing to do with him waking up so early.
* G-ma- Well I was only saying you may want to take him to the doctor.
*K- Ok Mamaw but nothing is wrong with him, he just wakes up that early...

Why must society label everything with a negative? In my grandmothers day there was no such things as ADHD, you just were called a early riser or active child. Nobody even really knew such a term as ADHD. But now that the world has up and come since her day she knows a little more considering there are 2 nurses on that side of my family...I took the time to look for information on ADHD and sleep...All the information that I found said the following:

-has trouble falling asleep (nope doesnt apply to my son)
-has trouble staying asleep (again, doesnt apply to my son unless you count the 1 time he wakes up to pee)
-has trouble waking up (again not applying to my son)
{Info Here}

When my husband and I got married he was a early riser, he would wake up around 7-7:30 AM and be fine...if he slept any later he would feel he wasted his day...I on the other hand am a complete Night Owl...I would rather stay up into the wee hours and then sleep until 9 or 10AM...that is just me personally...My daughter if left alone would sleep until 8 or 9AM, Isaiah my youngest would sleep if left alone until about 7-7:30AM...however Andrew I believe just took the trait of his father, he wakes up early and is fine...I do NOT in any way think my child has ADHD, I personally dont think any child really truly has ADHD, I feel it to be a label society has given children who are more active and energetic then the rest...Again that is just my opinion. If you honestly look at the "symptoms" of that term they seem somewhat funny because I am sure everyone has those traits or "symptoms" to some degree...I know I laughed when I read some of them because even me as a adult have some of them...I think you just have to learn to discipline yourself and control yourself...Hows that saying go?! "The Early Bird Gets The Worm!"  I guess Andrew has a full bucket of worms(:   

More information on ADHD...{Here}

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