Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Worlds Bestist Mom...

Do you ever have the days where you just want to throw your hands up and put everything away and do nothing all day long? I do...I feel like sometimes I dont always accomplish what I want to with my kids or have the time to accomplish what I want to with my kids...Some days our house is filled with arguments, bickering, rough housing that leads to boo-boo's, hurtful words, etc...you name it, I am sure we have had it before...Although I am not in any way a Super Mom{I try to be on most days} I do have days where I feel like I the "bestist" mom around...There are days where the kids are fine, no bickering, not too much arguing, they use their manners, and well most importantly things get done...However the best days even in all the mix of our stressful crazy lives are the days like the majority of days I have...worlds bestist mom days...
On those days these things happen in no particular order:

* Hugs and kisses unexpectedly
* Many " I love you's"
* Many conversations with my kids
* Many hours spent reading and exploring things
* Many minutes of cuddling on the couch
* Many "thank you's"
* All the times my kids say they had a great day

Funny thing is that stuff happens every.single.day in my home, when I go to bed at night I can look back at my day and smile, laugh, and share those moments of joy with my husband...I can think about all the kids smiling and laughing, asking questions, drawing me pictures, even all the messes...Each and every day they make me feel like the "worlds bestist mom" no matter what kind of day we had...Its the simple little things they do or say that mean the most to me! 
We all have our days, but overall as mothers there is no day that we should ever feel like failures...we are not failures in the eyes of our children, we are their heros and to them the bestist mom they will ever have, we need to view ourselves through the eyes of our children more often...


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