Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 Things I Want My Sons To Know...

*To always be outgoing and adventurous*

*To stop and enjoy the little things in life*

*To rest at some point, its very much needed*

*You will always be my little heroes, no matter how old you get*

*To spread your wings and not only fly but soar and follow your dreams*

*You dont always have to be tough*

*Its ok to laugh at yourself*

*Never be ashamed of who you are, share your personality and light the world*

*Life will sometimes stink, but you can conquer it, and I will be right by your side*

*The world is at your finger tips, go out and get it my little Superman, Batman, & Spiderman*

Most of all I hope you all turn out to be to like your Daddy but most importantly like your Heavenly Father...I hope you all soar around this world and find the paths your to follow but never forget that you can always come home to your Mama{you know just for dinner and a hug}...I hope you never feel afraid to come to me for anything, but always trust God for everything! I will always be here for you no matter what the issue is that life is throwing at you...You have all been a amazing joy to me in the short amount of time you have been here, I know life has much more planned for all of you and I am so happy that I get to watch you battle it out and find yourselves...And one day when you bring a little lady home to meet your "folks" I promise not to embarrass you by calling you Batman, Superman, or Spiderman...but I will plea the 5th if it slips (:   I love you boys...Love Mama

Oh and one more thing---I will conquer the toilet seat if it kills me, your wife will thank me later!



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