Monday, December 19, 2011

"My Do It, Mommy"...

Slowly but surely I am realizing my baby is no longer my toddler...he is growing up, turning each day more into a big boy. Since Oliver has been born I have noticed more and more independence from Isaiah, he has always been very independent, however I was blinded by the mommy eyes and viewed him as my baby rather then him being a toddler so much. I think I got the biggest shocker picking Isaiah up after holding Oliver one day and freaked out at how heavy he really was, before he was still tiny to me, but having Oliver to compare his weight to and I realized he was much bigger. 

Lately Isaiah has decided he wants to do everything on his own, he doesnt much want your help anymore. He has deemed these words "My do it, Mommy"...its so cute! He wants to put his on pants on{backwards of course but he did it himself}, put on his own coat{again backwards}, his own shoes, his own socks, and his yesterday he wanted to use his own big boy cup rather then his sippy...hopefully soon he wont want to use his diapers and will use the big boy potty{keep those fingers crossed}

He is growing up...its bittersweet...each day I realize that all my children are growing up...I will never again have a little Isaiah, nor a little Andrew, or a little Gaby, or even a little Oliver. I cherish all these moments with my children. I know one day I wont have them this little anymore and they wont want their Mommy so much anymore. They will replace me with a Princess or Prince of their own and I will be so happy for them but then again I will also be sad at the same time because I know I wont get these moments back again. Life is just bittersweet...cherish the moments(:


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  1. =(
    You are correct; it is a bittersweet moment as they grow and become independent. They grow up so fast. Your Prince is my baby.


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