Friday, December 02, 2011

Jesus VS Santa: Christmas In Our Home!

Growing up I was of course told of Santa...I remember each year until I was in middle school going to the Mall to see Santa...I honestly didnt know anything different. I didnt know of Jesus. I didnt know why Christmas was celebrated. I didnt know the REAL meaning. I was told of a fairy tale and that is what I looked forward to in my elementary years of life. I also know my husband was told of Santa but I am sure he knew the real meaning unlike me. When we had kids, I remember for the the first 2 years of our daughters life she was told of Santa and of course Jesus. My side of the family is all for Santa, and at the time we werent really following God like we shouldve so He wasnt talked about much. However when my husband found God and I did too, our views changed a great deal. Christmas time would come and instead of talking about what Santa is bringing you, its about Jesus's birth and how He saved us. Its not about the nicest toy on the shelf, or the In toy of the year, and my kids have a limit on gifts...Since we moved to another state our kids gifts have really slimmed parents are divorced so instead of having only 2 sets of grandparents they have 3 sets...and then you have extended family who also sends gifts. They become way too much...and thankfully we no longer have to deal with that...

Some families ban Santa all together, however like the Easter bunny my kids know they are fairy tales, we still allow them to talk about Santa and watch the 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family...Last year my son was sick and so we had to take him to the doctors office. The lady at the front asked my daughter if she was ready for Santa, and my daughters reply was: Santa, Santa isnt real, Christmas is about Jesus...The lady was obviously shocked and starred at me for a moment, then said she knows Santa isnt real, I replied well yes, we dont entertain fairy tales...she uh-huh'd me and turned back to her work...
Even when we go to stores the kids speak of Santa not being real, its actually funny to me because I wonder how many other people over hear them talking and shield their kids ears from the truth?! I am sure a few do while we walk down the isles...but I dont care! Christmas is about Jesus and His birth, NOT about the gifts or whose getting what...Society has made a huge deal about it and things have gotten out of hand each year at the stores over objects that will NOT even be going with you to Heaven if you go. I mean pepper spray, shootings, and fights are not my idea of a shopping day...nor my idea of the Holiday season!

I am actually thinking tomorrow will be bittersweet for me and hubby...I mentioned yesterday we had a lunch date and then were getting the kids their Christmas gifts. I am actually kinda wondering how it will go with all the shoppers out and craziness of the season. Of course people will have forgot what about the true meaning of Christmas, while some may not. I know my husband will make some comment about the issues of tomorrow while we are out, fine I will entertain those...he is right! Thankfully we wont be out all day in the mess, or at least I hope!

My real hope this year is for many more people to remember what Christmas is truly about, share it with friends and family, stand up for the One true gift to us. I hope more people will opt out of the commercialism of the season and help the needy families in the area, buy gifts for another family this year, make a meal for Christmas and invite the less fortunate, volunteer to help in a shelter or at church. So many people this year wont even have a warm place to stay this Christmas or warm meal...Those of us who have what we need should opt to help someone who doesnt...I know my family is...We instead chose to buy our kids one gift this year and fill their stockings, buy ourselves a couple gift and then buy a family in community Christmas too, I am also hoping to put together a meal for whomever too(recipes and ingredients for them to make a meal together and enjoy)...

Remember the true meaning of the Season...Celebrate the Savior not Commercialism!

For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord...Luke 2:11 NKJV

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  1. I love the picture of the 4 kids in front of the tree on the sidebar! So sweet!

    We have incorporated Santa thru Jesus in our home. My husband and myself both grew up believing in Santa, but there was not the presence of Jesus....more like what you are speaking of in your own childhood. I didn't want to do away with Santa for my own kids since it was something my husband and myself had both gotten to experience as children, but we wanted to do it in a way that was to His honor and His glory. I actually just posted about this and how we told Sydney the 'truth' and purpose behind Santa. ;)


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