Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oliver, 1 Month Old...

Today we woke up to a covering of snow...It was really beautiful first thing in the morning to have coffee while looking at undisturbed fluffy white stuff(:

I remembered while having my coffee that today is the 20th, Oliver is 1 month old today! So I took some pictures of him and thought I would share with you his stats over the past month...

{This is Oliver about a hour after he was born on 11/20}

{Oliver 12/20 laying in his playpen and looking around}

{Sucking his thumb, 1 day old}

{Sucking his thumb after falling asleep in my arms this morning}

At 1 Month Old:
-wakes about every 2-3 hours to nurse
-loves music/any noise
-can hold his head up and look around
-starting to smile
-very observant of whomever is holding him
-hates a wet/dirty diaper
-loves being held/snuggled
-weighs about 10lbs

I love all his little babyness, he is such a wonderful gift to our family as are all our children. Oliver fits right in to our little mix...The kids have all taken a liking to him and love him just the same. 

Happy 1 Month Old Birthday Oliver!


  1. Awww. He has grown so much since we were there. He's the best snuggler I know.
    Happy 1 month Birthday Oliver. Bee loves you =)

  2. The thumbsucking pics are just PRECIOUS! :)


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