Monday, January 23, 2012

Comparing...I am NOT Suzy!

You know I used to frequent blogs and forums like it was going out of style. I wanted to know everything I could possibly know about home schooling, cooking, other families, and life in general. I wanted to be able to see that I am not the only mom who sometimes sits in the floor and cries right along with her toddler for some unknown reason...But now I dont. I dont frequent much of anything except my couch because my life is hectic enough for me. I still look through blogs, I love looking at blogs...however forums are a bit evil if you ask me. When I was fully new to home schooling I thought man these ladies here know their stuff, so and so cooks from scratch, so and so sews all these neat things, so and so's house is always clean, so and so actually works outside the home, so and so does this or that...and slowly but surely I started comparing myself to these no faced people...I wanted to be Suzy home-maker who wears a smile all day long, never loses her cool, has dinner ready at 5 every single night, caters to her husband, never complains about anything, kids are angels, and life seems so perfect...But you know what I realized rather quickly...I am NOT Suzy...I am Kris. My house may not look like the one in the magazine with the kids playing with organic natural bamboo toys wearing only the stylish clothing ever made, but its my home and my kids are happy playing with sticks and rocks from the backyard, nevermind the toddler who likes to taste dirt sometimes...My floors may only be mopped 1-2 times a month because well I simply hate doing it so my wonderful husband tackles that job for me, nevermind the crumbs you see under the table and the small pile of dishes in the sink, that simply means my kids ate recently, oh and excuse the dirt that is by the back door because well my kids are running freely in the backyard and coming back and forth telling me their amazing finds. Oh those stains on the shirts, well that means my kids LOVED their food or snacks, no use in buying those stylish clothes right now...School work, well that consisted of some workbooks, PBS, play outside, and tons of need for a text book...Oh and you noticed they are eating some cookies or drinking some Hawaiian Punch, none for your kids, ok but mine are fine eating and drinking whatever I give them, I dont need to buy Organic cardboard...Why is my husband in the kitchen cooking dinner you ask, well simply because he has two hands and can read and he can fix himself something if I dont...Why is my husband actually picking up things around the house, well my my my because he lives in this house too and can contribute to the maintaining of it...No our school room is far from what I would love it to be, its not perfect but it will do...No I simply dont read my Bible each and every day, No I dont wake up before the chickens either, No I may not wear my make-up every day and wear skirts down to the floor...No I dont always listen to Christian music, I like rock, country, jazz, instrumental, and sometimes gasp even rap...No I dont mind Barbie or Phineous and Ferb...but you know what my kids are fed, clothed, warm, are freely learning, and we have fun...No I may not be Suzy, but I am Me, and I do the best I can as a mom and wife...I know I am not the only one who gets those moments where you wish you could have this or do that but in time you will...things dont just happen in a day...for now I love the crumbs, I love the dirt, I even love that massive pile of laundry that weekly awaits me...I do the best I can, and we have the best we can afford, not going broke here we stay within our means... I can tell you that I LOVE the Lord, I go to church more often then not, I help those who need help when I feel led by the Lord to do so. I do minimize the amount of time my kids watch TV, our home does have rules that are to be followed, I do not work outside the home, but I am a student, my kids may not have the 100% organic or most stylish clothes but they have clothes and so do I, I may sometimes rather curl on my sofa watching Criminal Minds then read anything...I may not always cook but my kids do have dinner, I may not always clean before someone comes over, I dont mind if they see we actually live in our house...on some occasions when I stump my toe or mash my finger I may let a choice word or two slip out...I may even want and plan to be getting a tattoo...All I know is that the life I have is AWESOME to me because its another day God has given me to live and breathe and be here with my family...the other things can wait until a better time...dishes, laundry, mopping, tackling bathrooms and office can all wait...right now I am busy being a mom...Comparing yourself to others is not right, be you, the true you...who cares if you arent Suzy...who honestly wants to be perfect?...that seems so NOT fun!

Enjoy your life and your family, let all that comparing disappear....Blessings!


  1. Perfectly said. I like Kris much better than Suzy anyway. Kris enjoys the moments she's given even when her in-laws invade her space ;-)

  2. I like you just the way you are!!...phineas and furb like you 2 lol:)


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