Friday, January 06, 2012

Fun Friday: Field Trip!

Since we started the week off talking about healthy eating I chose to make today a field trip day and  we took a  trip to Whole Foods. I let the kids pick whatever items they wanted to pick to have at our Fun Friday Taste Test. They chose a variety of items from Carrots and Celery to Raspberries and Oranges...Below are a handful of photos from our Fun Friday event.
The Sunrise this morning!

What the sky looked like after the sun was up...

This is the items we purchased at Whole Foods and Target this morning for our field trip!

Isaiah deciding whether or not he liked the orange slices!

Gaby eating a Lemon, she actually likes them...

Andrew deciding whether to mark his page with a check or a  X...

All the kids eating the fruits and vegetables that after they had finished the taste test!
The Taste Test Sheets...
Oliver wasnt up to tasting anything today, he had a better idea(:
Gaby: liked-18 items, disliked 2, favorite-Lemons, disliked most-pineapples

Andrew: liked 17 items, disliked 3, favorite-kiwi, disliked most-cucumbers

Isaiah: liked 15 items, disliked 5, favorite-berries, disliked most-kiwi


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  1. Sounds like a fun field trip with a yummy ending.


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