Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Potty Training 101- Day 1...

This morning I happened to log in and see whats up with blog land while I had a little bit before the kids were allowed out of bed. Another lady had posted about Potty Training over HERE...and I really loved how she posted her thoughts on the whole potty training gig...

Isaiah is going to be 3 in April. He is no longer a baby nor is he my definition of a toddler either, I honestly consider him a pre-k'er to be honest because he is really smart and vocal. 

What I have noticed that makes me think he is ready to take the plunge:
-he is very vocal, he knows when he needs a change
-he hides when he goes #2, he wants privacy
-he doesnt like being wet
-he will tell you he needs to go potty more so then not
-he shows interest in the potty

So far this morning we have had NO accidents but I know that they are possible and we are prepared for those to happen...Days 1-3 I believe honestly are the hardest for both parties involved, the child is trying to figure out bodily ques so to speak and then you have the parent who is learning ques too and cleaning up accidents...I have chosen this time around NO pull-ups not even at bedtime, no diapers, and to not keep any #2 soiled undies, I wont wash them they will just go straight to the garbage, not worth it to me...I also have decided to make Isaiah go to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes the first few days so that way we keep the accidents to a minimum and he gets the general idea of what he needs to do. Hopefully this will work. I am all for only buying Oliver diapers...so much cheaper! If you read the other linked post you will get more info on why not to do certain things, its really informative...I will update later tonight the number of times Isaiah did use the bathroom and accidents for the day...Wish us luck(:

Isaiah had 4 accidents but went potty 12 times today!

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