Thursday, January 26, 2012

Salad...LOVING this idea(:

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Who knew?! I mean really I eat salad almost for lunch and sometimes again for dinner, I am a salad LOVER...Its a weakness of mine, I believe the only place I eat out and my entree isnt a salad is Texas Road House{Love their portabella mushroom chicken}...Anyways can you image the possibilities of a Mason Jar with salad fixings? So many dressings, toppings, cheeses you can choose from, all packed into this little fantastic jar, stores in your fridge for I believe 4 days{do NOT let the dressing and greens mix} handy and ready to grab and go whenever you want one! Not to mention those of us who have a few kids and just simply want a easy to make and clean up lunch...Moms never actually get to fully eat in one sitting, or at least I dont...this is going to be my solution! AWESOME...purely AWESOME!...Now I just have to purchase some Mason here I come(:


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