Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smart, Kind, Important...

You is SMART, You is KIND, You is IMPORTANT...~Aibileen Clark; The Help~

A few weeks ago The Help finally made it to Redbox, I of course had been stalking this movie like mad because I really wanted to watch it, I had heard it was a great movie and I loved the time it was set in so I snagged it up for me and hubby to watch one weekend. I have to say this movie really put a needle through my heart. I absolutely LOVED Miss Aibileen and her friends. I noticed she kept telling the main little girl in the movie the following: You is smart, you is kind, you is important...I have thought about those scenes in the movie a million times and each time it grips my heart, Aibileen viewed the children as her own, and she taught them a valuable lesson in all of 9 words. I thought about my own childhood, the one where none of that really was taught to me, I was never told that I was smart, kind, or even important, along with a slew of other things that I was never told. I started thinking about my own children and most of all my little girl. Girls are viewed differently in this world then boys. Girls are still viewed as beneath boys, in some cultures still today girls are tossed to the side and never looked at for anything other then childbearing and home-keeping. Men are still viewed as the stronger of the sexes...When I got pregnant with Gaby I remember laying on my moms bed many nights sobbing my eyes out from pregnancy symptoms to the future, to absolute scaredness of the unknown and wondering how I would make it period. I remember my mom telling me to NEVER rely on a Man, be independent, and watch out for your own. I did that to a degree, it stills sometimes takes a lot for me to even let Jim help me do things around the house or when we are out because I am so used to doing everything on my own...I wish my mom would have explained her reasoning better to me, but I know in a sense what she was meaning. I want my daughter to know those same things, to be independent and not rely on people, I want her to rely on God. People fail, God doesnt. Along with that I want her to know the quote from Aibileen, that she is smart, kind and important. I want to give her a solid foundation of herself while she is young. I dont want her to ever question if she can pass college exams or how to fix a flat tire, I dont want her to ever feel she is a mean person because she wont submit to this world, nor do I wont her feel that she is less then others because again she wont submit to this world. I want to her to know she is brilliant, caring, loving, sweet, kind, smart, beautiful, loved, and important. I want her to know she has value, and it wont always come from this world, God values her and knows she is important...I want my daughter to know she is not beneath anyone, she is as strong as anyone, smart as anyone and as important as anyone. God loves her and so do her parents...I also want my boys to know that same thing just in a different sense. They need to know how to be kind to their wives, make their wife feel important and smart, along with feeling that way themselves. God loves all of them...

There are so many children today that dont get those kind words from anyone...they never feel smart, kind, or important. They get pushed to the side because dad never left his work outside the front door, or mom is too busy dealing with the house...We forget sometimes that what we do and say as parents mean something to our children, in my house I have 8 sets of little eyes and ears watching me. I hope that when my children are grown they can say that I made them feel smart, kind and important...that I didnt choose anything over them, nor did their father, that we took time to be parents to them and not just shove them over...Please dont push your children to the side, love what God has blessed you with, make them feel special and unique, there is never going to be another day like today, your children will be grown before your know it, and what you teach them now will reflect into their adulthood, marriage, and their children....Love your blessings!

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  1. I LOVED that she kept telling the little girl that throughout the whole book! Every kid needs to hear that all the time. You're a great mom to know and tell your kids that they are awesome:)


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