Monday, January 16, 2012

Stripes & A Stake-Out...

Jimmy had to work late tonight, I figured I would keep it simple with dinner leaving him the leftovers from last night, fix myself a salad, and make the kids a pizza. They of course were thrilled over the pizza leaving only one corner of the rectangular pan...anyways they were talking about how the pizza tasted like all sorts of things and this is what I heard from the mouths of my babes...

-Gaby-You know this taste-ez (tastes) like its from a restaurant

-Andrew-Yea Sissy, maybe daddy and mommy worted (worked) at a food place

-Gaby- Andrew, they did work at a restaurant before {insert a odd look from me, and she corrects that daddy worked at a restaurant}

-Andrew- They did, really? Maybe daddy made steak, hamburders (hamburgers), and hot-dogs!

-Gaby- Yep, daddy made all that stuff at a STAKE-OUT {I was rolling laughing}

So, there you have it, my husband worked at a stake-out making all sorts of yum-O foods for you to enjoy(:

Notice the stripped socks?...see Gaby has these fleece pj's and she LOVES them so much that she refuses to toss them to in her mind she is fixing the length issue as long as she wears her LONG stripped socks to cover her bare legs...I just dont get this, the mind of my 6yo...sigh...

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  1. I'm rolling. That is hilarious.
    And tell Gaby that Bee loves her striped socks with her PJ's.


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