Monday, March 12, 2012

3/10 Taking care of the LADY of the house post---Sorry its late!

Wow, it sure was a busy weekend, I actually was so busy I totally forgot about blogging this...So from now on I will plan these posts for Fridays! I did a little mix of things for myself this in no particular order here is what I did for me...

-painted my toes twice
-wrote in my journal
-wore a new lip balm
-tanned twice outside with my friend while the kids napped
-Saturday morning my friend and I had coffee and browsed the mall
-Hubby and I had dinner together

2 of the products I tried this week are below with a small review of how I liked/disliked them...

Balm by L'Oreal, mine is rose elixir...its pretty sheer and like a chap-stick, I am not into having a lot of color on my lips. I think the color of my lips naturally is pretty so I always go with that, however to be a bit more dressed up for me I chose to wear this. I honestly really liked it and it comes in a few colors and is available HERE for purchase...$6

Sally Hensan Xtreme wear nail color in Pink Satin...its $3 and available I believe at either your local Wal-Mart or Target stores. I bought mine from Target. I really love this nail color, its not too young or too old for me. Its not pinky pink either, it actually looks almost purple on, but I really love it...

Well there you have it ladies, this is what I did for myself this past week. Look for another post this coming Friday! I hope you have a great week, blessings!


  1. Keep it up. Taking care of yourself is important.

  2. You've had weather warm enough to tan????

    Glad you are making time for you!


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