Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My thoughts on Cottage School...and where we are NOW!

Hi everyone, well lets see a lot has been going on here lately. I mentioned we would try out a local Cottage School and well, it was nice, but only nice, there wasnt anything hugely thrilling about it for me or the kids. Now it could be that there are only 8 weeks of school left so my littles arent on the same page as the others, it could be the general confusion, or just plainly that God didnt want us there. Although the kids had fun, I didnt feel it was anymore then what I could personally do at home, cheaper...minus supplying the friends, and separation from the boys. So, we wont be trying that after all...Currently I am researching my options between a local Charter school in our area that has home schooling options, and A Beka DVD's...I am not sure what God will lead us too but I know He will supply the money for whatever it is and that He will guide us to where we need to be. He always does, without fail, I just have to be open to it and follow through with it...So, currently we are just sticking with home schooling at home until we find the path we are supposed to be on!


Isaiah: He is FULLY potty trained(:   All before his 3rd birthday! I have to say it was NOT easy, he has many accidents, many pairs of undies were cut off and threw away along with a few pairs of pants. But we finally got it, and he is doing awesome. Now my issue is that he thinks he can just go comando :/   Little boys, gotta love them!

Andrew:  Andrew, well he is Andrew. He is showing much of his personality and I am not sure where its coming from, but he is the most vocal 5yo boy I have ever seen. He isnt shy to say things or do things he shouldnt. He has currently decided to take markers to bed somehow, and draw "trucks" on his wall...yep, he thinks he is a artist (:  I havent cleaned it off because its a part of his childhood I need to I plan to do that over the weekend...

Gaby: My 7yo only girl has lost another tooth! Yep her daddy calls her gums(:  She lost her 2nd tooth Wednesday, so both of her bottom front teeth are missing, first teeth to come in and first teeth to leave...its bittersweet, I remember those little white gems coming in and her chewing all over my hand and her teething baby, a few frozen cold rags...I wish I could shrink her back and do it all over again...Being a mom is just bittersweet...sometimes we dont cherish moments enough I think...

I ask that you keep our family in prayers while we figure out our place in education for our kids, I am open to anything, God knows where to lead us if anywhere...I will post a update about Oliver tomorrow, he has a doctor appointment with all new stats so I will want to share those for the grandparents(:  Thank you keeping us in prayers. I hope everyone has a awesome rest of the week! Blessings!


  1. Praying for you all to be lead in the right direction. Hang in there.
    Thanks for the updates and current pics. Can't wait to read about Oliver's today=)

  2. Glad you aren't feeling hemmed in on any decision and following His lead. ;)


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