Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oliver, 4 Months Old!

Oliver is now 4 months old! I cannot believe it...he is growing way too fast for me! Today he had his 4 month well check-up and here are his stats:

Weighed- 16lbs even
Length- 25 inches long
Head circumference- 16

He does have to go to a pediatric gastro doctor in June for some tests due to spitting up, they want to make sure there is nothing wrong other then just acid reflux. I am no longer nursing him other then at night, he eats 4-6 oz bottles. He is talking, laughing, smiling...he notices when I go to and from the room, he has just this week started playing with small hand toys...He is teething and so his hands and your hands are always in his mouth...He is a happy growing healthy boy...Such a huge blessing to our lives...

Thanks for stopping by to see his stats...blessings!


  1. What a cutie....I can't believe how much he is growing.

  2. He is beautiful!!!


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