Monday, May 28, 2012

Graduation, Family, & New Beginnings!

May came quickly, and passed quickly. Jimmy graduated on 5/19 from CBC, he is now a licensed Minister.  I cannot even begin to explain how proud of him I am. I know God has some amazing things planned for him and our family. I am very thankful that I am his wife and can witness these amazing things first hand(:

This coming fall I will begin my own journey at CBC, I too will be a licensed minister in 2014. 

Isaiah turned 3 in April, and he is showing his own unique personality in this family. He is a little pistol, full of life and energy, can always put a smile on your face...

Andrew is our 5 year old and our oldest son. He too is showing much more of himself and we have found out that he does have a opinion all his own. He is smart and full of energy and is a very daring child. He will be in K this coming year(:

Gaby is our 7 year old and our only daughter. Full of life and smiles. She is our outspoken, opinionated, tough cookie who has the biggest heart full of love for others...

Oliver is now 6 months old, he is 19lbs 27 inches long. Full of himself and rotten to the core. 

Overall our family is doing really well. We are thankful to have finally made it to the end of Jimmy's school and are now awaiting all of Gods plans for our family, not to mention its summer and we are soaking it all up! I hope everyone is enjoying the bits of summer and sunshine...enjoy your week and drop by again sometime soon(:    Blessings!

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  1. Thank you for letting us be a part of the big special day. I look forward to watching you graduate in 2014. Yes, I will cry again but they are tears of joy.


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