Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Healthy Eating, Friendships, & Babies

All has been quiet around the blog, not just mine, but others as well...I have been off and on checking out what others have been up too the past few weeks, and I realized that the weather must have perked up and people are outside(:   I havent blogged due to busy-ness, we have had a lot going on lately with my husband graduating, family visiting, and the kids last bits of school for the year.

Healthier eating, this is interesting actually. I know many people eat healthy, I just havent been able to actually go organic or have the drive to do that, its costly and most things have little to no flavor, so I wont do that, with us the key is what types of food we are eating meaning junk vs. nutritious, we changed grocery stores our last shopping trip (decided we are no longer handing Wal-Mart our money)...We loaded down a cart full of meats, veggies, and actually surprised me that I stocked on that stuff instead of what my kids typically ask me for...Bananas and strawberries have became snacks instead of fruit snacks and other misc they ask for, I even bought organic peanut butter and lots of salad, our bill was way cheaper, actually almost $120 cheaper then if I had bought those same things at Wal-Mart...I was thrilled to say the least...

Friendships, I dont know if many of you remember this from a post way back in the Fall about the house beside of us being for sale, I asked for prayers that a Christian family with children around my childrens ages to be placed there, well God answered that prayer, the family moved in back right before Thanksgiving, they are a young couple with 4 children. My children have made really good friends with them, they are always riding their bikes and talking through the fence in the back yard, its really cute. But what has shocked me is that I have really gotten to know the mom. She and I have had coffee a few times while we let the kids play and ride bikes and have chatted until lunchtime(:  She is a sweetie and we get along very well. I am so glad that they moved worked out for all of us!

Babies...Babies...Babies...{sorry no announcements from me}...but babies have been on the brain of a few people...Our neighbor asked in one of our chats if we were going to have anymore babies...I stumbled to answer her question...Eventually I got out a "I dont know yet"...but of course that doesnt always suffice...I do have to say that yet we have 4 little blessings, our youngest is only 6 months old...we typically dont start baby talking again until the age of 1, all of our babies are 2 years apart...At this point I dont know if we will have more babies, that is up to God, our last 2 babies wouldnt even be here if it were not for God...He knows what our family needs and what we can handle better then we do, right now its just prayer Babies are always a bittersweet topic I believe for any family, even my own, I am happy either way though and God knows that and so does my husband...we will see what happens! {for those curious readers, NO we are not trying}

Next year, home schooling moms ponder this far too much sometimes, but we cannot help it! I have prayed and talked it out among myself and a friend and my husband. We have chose to give Abeka DVD's a try next year for K & 2nd grade. If you have any experience with them I would like your thoughts on what you liked or didnt like...

Well ladies and gents, I have some things I need to go catch up on, and a few little critters have started to wake up and move about so I think I should handle breakfast...I hope you all have a great Wednesday...Blessings!

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