Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2012-2013 School Year!

I dont know about you but I think my eyes may just fall out after browsing the computer looking at curricula the last few weeks! We have done HOD for the past 2 years, nothing wrong with it, we loved it, however we need a change this year, something different, not just the same ole same ole. So, after flip flopping between Abeka dvd's, HOD, and BFIAR/FIAR, I finally clicked on the purchase tab for BFIAR/FIAR...All 3 of our older kids will be doing this. Oliver of course will just handle all his baby perks(:

BFIAR/FIAR is a unit study approach to learning, that covers applied math, language, art, science, and social studies.

So here is the plan SO far:

Gaby 2nd grade: FIAR Vol. 3-4; Singapore Math 2A/2B

Andrew Kindergarten: FIAR Vol. 1-2; Singapore Earlybird Kindergarten Math

Isaiah Pre-K: BFIAR

All Kids: I wanted to add the US and countries around the world to our learning, we will change state/country each week using books from the library, 3 books I purchased, and printable's from the internet!

I also have science kits left over from this past year, and all my children love animals so our plan is to learn about the animals of the state/country we are learning about.

Well there you have it, thats my plan so far! Our Official School Year begins July 2, 2012...Enjoy the rest of your summer, blessings!

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  1. Does your school year follow the public school system out there?


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