Sunday, June 17, 2012

How We School Through The Year!

A awesome bloggy friend of mine {Blondee} asked in my last post if we school following the district schools calendar. It actually didnt dawn on me that I havent answered that yet, so I thought I would and explain my reasoning behind it. In short my answer is No, we do not follow the district school calendar where we live. The detailed answer: For the past 2 years my husband Jim has been going to a CBC which is a Bible College whose main branch is here in Colorado. His school year would take various days/weeks off and he was in school from Sept-May. So, the first year we had moved to Colorado was the year our oldest started Kindergarten. To pass our boredom and all the hot weather{yes CO can be extremely hot, just without all the humidity}...I chose to start our schooling in July. We typically school from July-April which leaves us May/June when the weather isnt SO hot to have our summer break. Although my husband did graduate this past May from CBC I still chose to keep our routine of July. We will be taking off 2 weeks in October for our trip back to NC, and then random times through the year as need be.

What I do in May/June while we are on break:
-Typically the entire month of May I do everything but anything school related. I take a break from looking at curricula, looking at blogs, looking at forums, etc. I just need to step back. Then June hits, I start going through school things that I have seen or heard of through the year, browsing reviews, deciding on what we will use, making my own calendars, browsing Fun Friday crafts/activities, deciding what theme topics I want to cover for the year, cleaning the school area, moving things around if need be, you know all that lovely stuff! Last but not least I actually hit the order button and await box day(:

Thank you Blondee for your question! If you have any questions you would like to ask please feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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  1. That is a great idea to change your summer vacation to fit a more comfortable time weather wise for your bunch. Congrats to Jim on graduating and good luck on starting another year of homeschooling adventures!


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