Friday, June 01, 2012

Little Heroes....

You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they will turn out to be heroes, even if it's just in your eyes...~Walter M. Schirra Sr.~...

When I became a mom to my first son in 2007 I cannot begin to tell you how overwhelmed my heart was with pure joy for this tiny little boy. I have enjoyed getting to be his Mom from day 1. Everything was all new for me, learning how to handle boys was going to be a adventure to say the least. Over the past 5 years we have added 2 more little heroes to our crew, all very different. Our Super~Fella is very observant. He knows when something isnt right with you, he has a very interesting personality, he can be very quiet and then all of a sudden be very vocal about things and how he feels. I haven't had the best week, due to other circumstances, I struggle with some things. When I got ready this morning, I didn't do anything but my hair and makeup and then threw on some jeans with a black tank and flip flops; Super~Fella came up to me and said in the most little sincere voice "Mom, you look beautiful."  Now, if that doesn't melt a mom's heart I don't know what will...It made my day that my 5 year old little super hero thinks I am beautiful. 

Spider~Monkey is our 3 year little hero. He is full of mischief and most of the time up to no good. He however loves his Mama, he most of the time finds it his duty to carve out a place on the couch with me, or in my bed, or my floor, or on my lap wherever it may be that I am sitting. He too randomly walked up to me today and told me in his little 3 year old voice "You booful mommy!"...

Hulk~Baby, our littlest hero! He cant tell me that I am beautiful yet, but it melts my heart when he looks up at me with those big baby blues and smiles(:  

I find it amazing that God knows what your struggling with on any given day at any given time and can use even the smallest of people to make you feel loved and cherished. To me my boys are all hero's, they will be forever no matter what goes on in their lives someday. I know that I will always remember the countless times they have randomly came up and said I was beautiful and that they love me! I cannot even begin to tell you how made my day was(:

On a side note: Our newly 6 month old chunker just got a new carseat. Its the Safely 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertable arrived yesterday afternoon and I was more thrilled then he was(: but he will be officially trying it out later today on a trip to Target!


  1. You made Bee tear up. But thank you for reminding me about the heros in our lives. I once had those little heros, now they are my grown men with lives of their own but they will always be that Super Child I remember. Love yuo all.

  2. Good looking little men! I'm so shocked at how big the baby is!! Wow, it just goes by waaaay too fast.


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