Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oliver: 7 Months Old

7 Months...7 Months have passed since I gave birth to this little prince! I would have never guessed that walking into the hospital that day how much this little guy would have changed my life and my heart forever! He is such a wonderful and amazing gift from God, just like his brothers and sister. All children change something about you as a parent, they all carry that little gift that they bring to your family on a daily basis....

The many nights I have sat up nursing/feeding this little guy and looking into his eyes, wondering what his little mind was thinking. All the days of his firsts and many many smiles and now laughter. He is a absolute joy and blessing to our family. I know as his mom that he will do some amazing things in his life, of course as with anyone he too will have obstacles of his own some day, but I am so blessed to be able to walk through those with him. 

I am in shock that 7 months have passed since his birth, he has grown like a weed since day 1. He is a strong little full of laughter and smiles giggly boy. He is full of mischief like his brothers and is learning every single day how to do something new. He now eats 6oz bottles and baby food of variety, he only wakes 2 times a night, and has in the past 2 weeks started army crawling all over the place getting into things and chasing after my feet(:  He strives for any one's attention and loves to play and be talked to...He is pure JOY!
Happy 7 Months Hulk Baby!...Mama loves you!


  1. How perfect he is! :)

  2. Oliver is such a sweet name, and has such a sweet face!


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