Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oliver is 8 Months Old!

8 Months Old! {Well in 2 days}

-army crawl and scoot on his bottom when sitting
-sit up on his own
-babbles and says "wa"
-chews on anything and everything
-eats solids, and drinks juice/water
-eats 6 oz bottles
-has discovered he has a tongue
-loves his jumper
-loves the outdoors
-loves music and books

Is Currently:
-beating up Buzz Light year and thinks he is a pirate (:

{He also went to the doctor today he weighs 21 lbs and has a double ear infection but you would never know, he is completely full of himself}

Happy 8 months old Baby Hulk! We all love you and are thrilled to have you in our family!

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  1. Wonderful pictures. As always, I enjoy seeing the updates.


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