Monday, July 09, 2012

Planning Adventures For The Year!

Today was a cold and rainy day, 65 I believe was the highest it actually got outside. The kids threw on their jackets and rain boots and headed out to play while I had my coffee and checked some e-mails. While I was doing that, I thought I would try to find some places for us to visit this year for family/field trips...We do live in a huge city however, most of the nice interesting places are in the Denver area...I also had to keep in mind the drive, my children's ages, and cost of the places we could potentially go to. Here is what I have came up with so far for our adventures!

-Glen Eyrie Castle
-Ghost Town Wild West Museum
-Western Museum of Mining and Industry

-Georgetown Loop Railroad Ride & Mine Tour
-Denver Zoo
-The Wildlife Experience
-Children's Museum of Denver
-Forney Museum of Transportation
-Denver Museum of Nature & Science
-Denver Aquarium

Now as for when we will be visiting any of these places is currently unknown. I do know that we will be going to The Wildlife Experience in late September due to an exhibit they will be having{to be announced in another post, cant tell you all the juicy tales just yet}...Not to mention we have one LONG drive of a field trip in October{going back to NC for my In-Laws 25th} so I am very sure we will be visiting at least one day one of our old favorites{Boone/Blowing Rock NC we MUST take the kids up for ice-cream and a park visit and a great drive on the parkway}...

Where are you planning to visit this year with your family?

I hope everyone has a great week, thanks for stopping by!

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