Friday, July 27, 2012

Sickies & The Foot Doctor...

This week all the kids have been sick, Oliver still has a ear infection{thankfully the doctor switched his medication} and Gaby has strep throat, the other 2 boys have been coughing and very flip floppy in mood...So, needless to say, I have been dealing with the sickies and living on Pinterest & TPT {Has FREE downloads if you sign up(also Free), I just found that out so its all new to me}while they drown into the TV and soak the tissues!...Yep, I admit I have finally gotten everything downloaded and printed for the kids school year starting on 8/6...I found some really neat things on TPT for free and figured that I could in some way incorporate them into our learning. Schooling 3 children this year will be interesting, but I think interesting makes things fun and who couldnt use a dose of fun in their days?! I have organized the basement completely out, made library bins complete with tags, organized folders, bought school supplies, and I am finally able to breathe on that note!

In other news: When I took Oliver & Gaby to the doctor on Monday I asked about her toe walking. Apparently Gaby has a short Achilles Tendon which causes her to walk on her tip toes like she is wearing high heels all the time, she cant help it...Now, she has always done this and we all thought she would grow out of it however, that is not the case. We go on 8/1 to see a orthopedic surgeon to decide from there if we can try physical therapy or have the surgery done on both of her feet. Our Pediatric doctor says physical therapy is highly unlikely due to the degree and extent it has gotten to. So, please keep Gaby & I {you know mom's tend to stress over these things when it comes to their babies} in prayers for that appointment...

If you have some free time hop on over to Teachers Pay Teachers and browse their FREE section for some things for your kids to enjoy...And again, keep us in prayers for the upcoming appointments and news. Have a great, fun-filled, relaxing weekend...Blessings!

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  1. Oh, Kris...I am so sorry to hear that Gaby may need surgery on her feet. You already know what we dealt with having Sydney's surgery. I pray the kids are ALL feeling better and that Gaby doesn't have to have surgery.


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