Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Weeding of the Heart...

Ever feel like your heart is just covered in weeds?! I feel like for the past few months my heart has grown numerous weeds. I have slowly gave into the stress of life, raising a family, being married, figuring things out for myself, and home schooling. 

I decided that I no longer want the stress or the overgrown garden of weeds. I want to see the beauty in my own life again...The easy everyday stress is slowly being weeded out by God every little minute of my day. I realized that for the past few months as the weeds started growing, that they are taking over Gods place in my heart...I tend to no longer look up verses or even listen to Christian music like I used to. I realized I was surrendering to the world, and that is not on my to-do list any time soon. 

As Christians we tend to grow weeds at some point in our journey. Its satans way of saying that we live in his world...We forget that God created this world and we hold more power then satan on our lives. Every single day is a choice, you make the choice to live for God, to get out of bed, to go to work, to run errands, to be a mother, to be a friend, to show your true Christian self, or you can make the choice to surrender to satan. I dont know about you but I know I am not waving my white flag today or tomorrow or anytime soon!

Make the choice to see the beauty in everything God has created!

Make the choice to cherish every moment of your day and your life! Be slow to anger, offer forgiveness, and use your words wisely because they hold more power then you can imagine!

Share God with others, whether its your children, a friend or family member, co-worker, but most of all share yourself with God, you need Him to be able to do His work!

Take time to pray, prayer is a beautiful thing!
Prayer may not change things for you, but it sure will change you for things...{Samuel M. Shoemaker}

Dont let everyday obstacles of satan put you in a rut, take them with stride and fight them with God. Weed out your garden{heart}, water it with prayer, and feed it with God!



  1. Thank you for the reminder. I will start my weeding right now.

  2. Well, I hope you are doing well! One thing to remember is to be honest about what others want you to do and what you must do for yourself. I hope that you find a place for YOU in all this. Not being selfish, but just a place for YOU, not always putting yourself last. :)

  3. I love you Lucy:) I am so thankful for your friendship & love being a part of your family:) You are so amazing & strong & I love watching you grow in your relationship with God!!

  4. Hi! I started following your blog recently, be because our blogs have the same title, only mine is www.ourlittlefamilyof6.blogspot.com. Just wanted to say, I really enjoyed this post. So many words hit home with me. Thank you.


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