Sunday, July 08, 2012

What God has shown Me this week...

This past week has been interesting for me. I have prayed a lot more then usual about things, asked God to forgive me for things, asked Him to show me things, and Has gently slapped me in the face with reality on a few other things...Below is what I have learned over the past week!

*God has lovingly showed me a few things about my children's home school curriculum, what to purchase, what to leave alone, and what to trust Him on {He knows their needs and hearts more so then I}
*He has also showed me that laziness is not good for not only me, but its not good for my children. Empty hands are the devils playground{as a friend would say}...
*He showed me that I need to be a better wife and mother and that with His help and guidance I can be
*That I need to trust Him and trust what He tells me whether I personally like it or not
*I need to spend more time with Him, taking time to just talk to Him and read His word or listen to teachings about Him and how to better myself as a person.
*That I need to focus my thoughts more on Him and the positive that He is blessed me with; I am listening to a teaching by Joyce Meyer with a friend, titled Where the mind goes, man will follow, I find that very true...

See, a lot for me to think about and change! I hope you all have a blessed Sunday!

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