Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What Our Year Looks Like On Paper!

I have been asked recently how we school through year, I mentioned that we don't follow any type of real schedule nor do we follow the school districts calendar in our area either. I have wanted to try year round home schooling since I started home schooling my oldest child however I just typically don't stick to my plans...However, I did sit down and type out what our year will actually look like on paper this morning! So I thought I'd share what it looks like with you guys...

2012-2013 School Year:
1st day of school August 6, 2012

-Sept. 2nd-Sept. 9th
-Oct. 6th-Oct. 21st {this is our planned NC trip}
-Nov. 17th-Nov. 25th {Week of Thanksgiving}
-Dec. 22nd- Dec.30th {Week of Christmas}
-Jan. 26th-Feb. 3rd
-Mar.2nd-Mar. 10th
-Apr. 6th-Apr. 14th
-May 11th- May19th

Last Day of School June 14, 2013
-Summer Break is June 15th-August 4th
*NOTE: all of these days include weekends*

This is what my plan looks like, seems simple and easy to follow, looks perfect to me (:
Now life can always happen, we could need some other break that we aren't planning on, that's OK, we have enough time to make up anything we need to and draw from our summer break, it also leaves me enough time to plan for our next school year {I do that all year long regardless, I take ideas and research them from you guys and your blogs}...

What does your school year hold as far as breaks? How to you plan your breaks? Do you school year round, follow the school district, or do you wing it?

Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

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  1. We tend to follow along with the public school for most breaks, but our summer is 4 weeks longer. :)


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