Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Exploring The Unexplained By Trent Butler {A Review}

Exploring The Unexplained
A practical guide to the peculiar people, places, and things in the Bible
By Trent Butler

I first want to say that I received this book for free through booksneeze in exchange for a honest review. I selected this book about 2 weeks and ago and it arrived last week in the mail. I actually selected it thinking it was for older kids, however when I thumbed through it I realized it was for adults. This book contains like the title says the peculiar people, places and things in the Bible and it answers who, what or where they came from or happened; Along with stating that it gives you a topic to discuss in your everyday life. I really like that because it opens up a door for discussion into the Bible realm so to speak, that’s not just your normal talk. An example from the book would be as follows:
Page 126 the word Halah, it states what it is, where to find it in the Bible, gives a description, and then follows with a issue to discuss.
Overall, I really love this book, I think its would be very beneficial to everyone however I also home school and I plan to use this book later on when my children have grown up some in our Bible time. I love that it gives the topics to discuss after each word and seems to be very thorough on what it provides. I love that is not a huge book, just your normal size and doesn’t include a bunch of pictures. It reminds me of a dictionary. It is 283 pages long in alphabetical order, it contains a topical index for easy use, and is very easy to understand and discuss. I would highly suggest if you haven’t read this book, checking it out. I think it’s a great family, school, home school, church resource. If your interested in buying a copy of this book you can do so HERE. If your interested in reviewing books for free and you blog you can join booksneeze for free HERE.

{Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free through booksneeze, all thoughts herein are that of my own and I received no other compensation for my review.}

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