Friday, September 21, 2012

Adventure's in Cripple Creek CO...

Last Sunday Jim and I took the kids to the mountains. We wanted some time with the kids and to be able to do something new for a change. We chose to take them to Cripple Creek CO, we have heard a lot about that place and many people really like it because in the Fall you can see all the leaves changing colors and its just beautiful. So, we packed a lunch and headed out. The drive of course was GREAT, so many Aspens changing colors, mixed with all the Pines and massive rocks we have here. Breathtaking!






Andrew, Gaby, & Isaiah


Gaby & Andrew


Jim & The Kids

My FAVORITE drink!

This is the Mine Elevator Shaft, they have 2 elevators stack one on top of the other. They are VERY small . When you enter them they pack you like sardines to go down. Its a bumpy ride in the dark dropping 1000 feet!

Mine Walls

Mine Walls

This is a locomotive that carried the Ore and other rocks throughout the Mine.

This is another part of a Mine Wall, the guide explained that this was a collection of all the minerals mixing together.

Another mineral mix!


Andrew & Isaiah

This is the tool bench in the Mine. These are all original Mine tools, apparently the men  left one day, expecting to come back like usual left their gear here, but the Mine closed down and they never returned for the tools. 

Old Cart

Bell Signal Guide, this is Law for ALL mines from what our guide told us. 
We had a GREAT time, it was fun to see the mountain scenery and go on the Mine tour...The kids loved it, which meant the most to me, that they had fun! Even little Oliver did great! Have a awesome weekend!

Love & Many Blessings,


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