Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener: A Review!

About a month ago I was browsing Pinterest and seen a few pins containing a pencil sharpener that was for teachers and created by a teacher. I clicked a few and went to the website and looked at the pencil sharpener and decided to take a gamble and ask the company if I could review one in exchange for a honest review...I soon got a response and in fact got to review a Green Pencil Sharpener! I was thrilled. Here is my review!

What I liked:

* I want to first state that the shipping was very quick and upon arrival the box was in tact and everything looked great!

* The pencil sharpener itself is not that heavy actually, its stable and has weight to it, however there are many other brands that are heavier then this one. 

* It holds the pencil in place, the two black nobs at the top pinch together to make a wider opening when released they hold the pencil still, which is great for younger children.

* The color is a very pretty green, and they also carry a blue and red. However I was honestly surprised to not see a black, yellow, orange, purple, etc option to the pencil sharpener. I would say that to me if there were more color options this would be a great thing and appeal to more people. But that is a minimal complaint.

* Sleek design. It's not too fancy but not to plain. 

* I like the emptying tray, it pulls out instead of like your old sharpeners having to turn, this helps to create less mess upon emptying.

* When installed properly its secure, it doesn't come undone easily and little people shouldn't be able to get it undone, my kids tried and failed (: 

* Sharpens GREAT! All pointy tipped pencils! 

My One & Only Big Complaint: As a Home Schooling Parent

* Pencil Size Options: this pencil sharpener allows for your standard size pencil ONLY. I could not in fact get my 3 year old's chubby pencils into the hole of the pencil sharpener. It also doesnt work with your triangular pencils. Currently my 3 year old is using the Ticonderoga My Hold Right Pencil which is triangular and my 5 year old is using the Ticonderoga Beginner Pencil which is chubby, neither of the two would work with this sharpener. My 7 year olds pencils worked fine because they are your standard pencil. For me this was a huge deal because I wanted a pencil sharpener that would fit all sets of pencils. I still have to use the hand held manual sharpener for my boys. 


Would I suggest this to a friend: Yes
Would I purchase this product in the future: Yes
Does it work like its stated from the company: Yes

I really liked this pencil sharpener, I believe that it works great, and I am sure many people would get many years out of it, I do however wish the pencil size options could be adjusted, I feel that in order to appeal to a larger crowd that would need to be fixed, not all children use your standard size pencil. But like I said its a great sharpener and I would suggest and purchase it in the future, wonderful product!
Front of Pencil Sharpener
Back view of pencil sharpener, it does latch into place and can easily be removed and relocated at any time!

Before Sharpening, broken old pencil...

New pointy tipped pencil (:
If you are interested in purchasing this Wonderful Pencil Sharpener you can do so HERE!

Love & Many Blessings, Kris

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