Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall & Pictures!

Learning, it’s always fun! No matter the age you are, the topic your studying, or place your studying. My little group likes the outdoors, but are just as fine sitting on the couch, and our most loved place is our school room. Today, I chose to talk about Fall with the kids. We had some books about leaves and of course our handy Fun With Nature book in hand we talked about what happens when fall comes, we discussed the Aspen and Pine trees {those are the most prevalent in our area} and a little about photosynthesis.

In art today the kids drew an Owl from Draw*Write*Now Book 2, I didn’t tell them what we were drawing {always fun to see their faces when they realize what we are drawing}They each did well and had their own unique drawing. We also made a Fall tree only letting them draw the trunk and branches and using Q-Tips to dot the leaves in Fall colors. They each again had their own unique design and loved doing that project.

Math for Gaby was money, she had to add and subtract money. Gaby dislikes math a lot, she is a lot like me in that area. Andrew traced numbers from 1-10 and had to count animals in his workbook and write the correct number. He actually is getting a lot better at his counting. We use Singapore. 

Handwriting we use A Reason for Handwriting, Andrew uses the K book and Gaby uses the 2nd grade book. They both do 2 pages a day {front and back}. They seem to really like it and can be done without frustration.

Gaby also does A Reason for Spelling {she is in the first book} I started her there since last year we didn’t do much spelling. She does front and back of a page each day.
For both of them we do rainbow writing of Sight/Spelling words. I made Gaby’s list from her HOD Book, and Andrew’s list just came from the Dolch Sight Word list. They each have I believe 36 Weeks of words. We just finished Week 5.

Isaiah did the Pre-k Workbooks from Rod & Staff. He does a few pages a day of that and then works on his letters, numbers, shapes, etc. He is doing well right now, and we are currently working on his tracing skills. He can’t fully write the numbers or letters yet but he can trace.

Happy Elf Mom; I haven’t forgotten you request to see some of the kids work, I am currently in the process of making their portfolio’s for this year and once I get that together I will take photo’s and post them for you with details about itI believe your were more interested in Gaby.

I also have some reviews I will be posting next week for youNow for some pictures!

Andrew James

Oliver Mason

Isaiah Luke

Gaby Mae

Gaby's Fall Tree

Andrew's Fall Tree

Isaiah's Fall Tree

As always, thanks for stopping by to see what we have been up too. Have a great weekend!

Love & Many Blessings,


  1. Enjoyed reading the update. Thanks for adding some pictures. You know we love to see them.

  2. The kids did a remarkable job on their art work, and it's so sweet to see their cute faces! :)

  3. The colours are very pretty. Very fall-like! :)


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