Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Some Changes!

Wow, I’ve been busy lately. The kids have done well with school, Gaby has aced her math tests and Andrew is getting better at handwriting. I have been thinking a lot about their schooling and I am going to start doing 1 child at a time. I will do Gaby first things in the mornings then after she is done I will do Andrew. We are using HOD and love it, but the 2 levels done mesh well together so time to mix it up. Isaiah will quietly do some Pre-K work while I work with Andrew. I will of course still do our themes together and any science experiments together as a group. I am really hoping this will work much better for the kids’ concentration. They seem to distract each other and our main learning takes forever to get done.

I am going tomorrow {9/13} to take the math placement testing for a local college. I have decided that I am going to switch my degree to Early Childhood Education and plan to open a daycare in the coming years. I will also do correspondence classes this year for CBC starting in November after we get back from NC. God has opened many new doors for me these past few weeks and I am enjoying the ride. It’s nice to know what God wants you to do and follow it.

In other news, Fall has really set in for us. Our high today was I believe 51 and it set in with rain all day. Thankfully I had no errands or anything that caused me to be out. The kids were upset they couldn’t go out and play but like every year this time we tend to be indoors a lot more due to weather.

We are getting anxious for the drive to NC, Jim and I love the drive, its nice to be in the car for 2 days with road ahead of you. The kids do really well actually; hopefully Oliver will do just fine too. Thankfully he is sleeping through the night, so at least that will be peaceful J.

Well I hope everyone is doing well with the start of the school year. Have a wonderful day! 

Love & Many Blessings,

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