Saturday, September 29, 2012

We weren't asked to be Perfect Mamas'!

Photo Came From: Ordinary Inspirations

Ever have those days when you are very wishy washy in your mood?
Everything seems to go wrong?
Things could be done quicker if you just did it yourself?
The kids are all whiny about everything?
The house is a wreck.
Dinner isn't made or even thought of.
You haven't even got a shower and it's already Noon!

On those days we just want to scream!
I know. I have been there.

On those days I tend to forget that my children are so big yet so small.
I forget that I won't get this moment back again.
I forget that this breath of air is just one more breath closer to Home.
I forget that my children are still learning & growing.
I forget that my actions are what they learn most from.
I forget that I will miss them some day.
I forget that the sounds of them laughing, running, playing and fighting will not last forever.

On those days I need to remember I am not perfect. I was not asked to be perfect when God placed these beautiful children in my care. I was not asked to do everything by such and such time for so and so.I need to not be so short tempered, to let go of my control of everything. I need to let my children be free, to learn and explore. Our way is not always the only way. I can always clean later (:
I was not asked anything but to guide them to Him. They will find Him through Me. 
The laundry, cleaning, errands, hassles of everyday life can wait for this moment in life. 
I have a job to do, and that is being a Mom and guiding my children to Him!
Think about that, and enjoy the children God has entrusted to you for this short time. Be the beautiful, caring, loving, funny, freeing, God loving supermom you are their little eyes and hearts! Take time to build that tent, make that mud pie, and roll in those leaves. You only have them for a time, make it worthwhile, not perfect!

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