Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wonder Box: A Review!

A while back while looking for some worksheets for the kids I came across The Wonder Box on education.com. I looked at the information on their website and thought I would take a risk and ask to review a wonder box for my 3 year old son for free in exchange for a honest review, luckily they replied and sent me a wonder box for review. It arrived a week before our actual school was to start so I tucked it into the closet to pull out for Isaiah to do one week after the initial start up of school.

Now Isaiah just turned 3 back in April. He just started Pre-K3 this year, starting to learn his alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. Nothing hugely fancy and he is free to wonder about because I am not really strict on him just yet about his learning, of course children learn from play so he learns all day every day!

What I liked:

-      I like that you get 3 activities and a Extra Treat in the box
-      I like that its perfectly based for children ages 3-6
-      I like that is a reasonable price for a “treat” each month for your child or children
-      I like the quality of the items they send, they are not cheaply made and they actually work unlike some things you come across these days
-      I really loved their little bags they put each activity into, the kids can use them for other things, in Isaiah’s case, he played mailman with them, put cars and small toys in them, wrapped presents with them.the imagination runs wild with just the small little linen bag

What I did NOT like so much:

-      I didn’t like that the box arrived with a ding, now this isn’t the companies fault, I know mail has its issues, so not so much a big deal but still I would rather have had a nicer looking box arrive at my door.
-      I didn’t prefer to get a baking craft, and Isaiah didn’t prefer that one so much either. He would have rather had something to do outside, an example would be to supply a bag of small items, have the parent hide them, and send the child on a outdoor scavenger hunt for these items from a supplied card with pictures of the items.


I would say that this idea is a good idea, however for the price it’s a bit steep for me. I could go to the local school supply store and find the exact same items and do these on my own and have bulk of the items for more children to join in. As a parent of multiple children I don’t feel this is cost efficient for just one child. I was happy with the product overall but I would not spend the money each month for it to arrive in the mail.

Would I suggest this to a friend: No, most likely not because most of them have more than one child and the company currently doesn’t offer any type of discount for families with more than one child, nor do they offer a bigger package for more children to be able to join in the fun.

Would I purchase this product in the future: No, to me not worth the money each month.

Does it work like its stated from the company: Yes, everything works like its stated and is actually a great little learning activity for a child.

Some Photos:
Wonder Box Upon Arrival

Inside the Wonder Box at first glance! The envelope at the top contains a little note for the kids and parents. The activities are all wrapped inside of tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.

This is a picture of the 3 activities that were sent in our wonder box: magnet magic, I spy bottle, and bubble bread.

This is the letter to the child and parent.

Extra Treat found at the bottom of the box in a little brown envelope!

This is the activity inside the extra treat envelope, they are pictures and each one  has a bit of information about the picture. All of them have shapes drawn on the pictures to place a sticker shape. Isaiah actually really liked this activity a lot more then I thought he would. 

The photo to the left are the directions of how to operate the I Spy Bottle and the picture to right are the materials supplied for the I Spy Bottle. I can say that Isaiah did enjoy this activity, I was however surprised to not see number beads also. It had the sequins and alphabet beads but no numbers. I would love to see that supplied for future buyers of the wonder box. I plan to add some in the future to our bottle though for Isaiah.
The photo to the left are the directions of how to operate the magnet magic game. Isaiah did like this game however, he was more interested in the magnets themselves. He used the wand to attach the magnets. He placed with the die a little bit but overall he wasn't very interested in the game itself, just the magnet wand. 

Isaiah did have fun with the Wonder Box, however I just don't believe until they either offer a bigger package or supply more materials its just worth it for our family at this time. Always remember what works for one family may not for another, so in that case...

 If you are interested in purchasing the Wonder Box you can do so HERE!

Love & Many Blessings, Kris


  1. It does sound like a fun idea, just not logistically well thought out considering few families only have one child, a box you could order online and specify ages of children, as well as number of kids in home would be a better fit.

    1. I agree, another good option I noticed after your comment would be to have it for older age groups also...I loved what was sent but again its not fitting for a family with more then one child...


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