Thursday, October 04, 2012

My Journey to Submission Weekly Up-Date...

I am posting this now because I know I will not be able to on Sunday due to driving. My goal in my last post was to bit my tongue and not question my husband's authority. I believe I have done well. It has been hard because I am used to questioning everything, always wanting a reason, and never just saying Ok. I am a stubborn, strong willed, southern belle. My roots come out when they are least expected to...

This week has been trying. Shopping has been almost daily, as we try to get everything done for our trip to NC. The kids needed some things, I needed some things, Jim needed other things...things things things! On top of that I went shopping with my best friend to help her find some things for interviews. So, my nights have been full of looking in stores at things. Dealing with my husband on those nights is usually like nails to a chalkboard. He doesn't like shopping, not looking at things, not the driving, not the people, he just doesn't. He is a true man. But it had to be done.

So far, I only slipped up once, and that was over something that I wont share here, its value is of nothing important. I will say that it ended up with both sides apologizing and nothing since.

My goal this week which will start on Sunday is: along with continuing the previous weeks goal, I plan to be more considerate of my husband's needs and feelings.

Whats your goal this week?

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