Sunday, December 09, 2012

Reindeer Family Footprint Canvas How To...

Feet from left to right: Isaiah, Andrew, Mom, Gaby, and Oliver December 2012

Reindeer Family Foot-Print Canvas:

You Will Need:
-Canvas large enough for 1 foot print from everyone {In our case its me and 4 children}
-Paint of your choice {I used brown mixed with gold and then red for the nose}
-Googly eyes {enough for everyone}
-Glitter glue pens {for the girls only, I used red and black}
-Paint pen for antlers {your choice in color, I used silver}
-Tacky glue or white glue
-Paint tray and paint brush
-Wet rag per person {to wipe foot on after stamping the canvas}
-1 Towel to go under the canvas and 1 to dry feet with
-Krylon Clear Finish Glossy or Preserve {optional}

How To: 
- paint bottom of foot and stamp it to the canvas {do this for everyone, in whatever pattern works best for you} after you stamp feet please remove paint with wet rag and dry!
-Allow foot prints to dry on canvas {Turn canvas to where your toes are at the top heel at the bottom}
-Add a pair googly eyes to everyone's foot print like you are creating a face
-to do the nose use your pointer finger dipped in red paint and stamp to heel of foot print per person
-if you have a girl: we used the glitter glue to make eyelashes, hair-bows, & freckles
-using the paint pen draw on your antlers or allow your children to take turns drawing them on
-Allow to dry and hang
-if you want to "save" you canvas you can use Krylon clear coat or preserve once its dry, I used the clear coat glossy effect, allow to dry then hang!


Happy Holidays from our home to yours!
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  1. The reindeer family is adorable. I enjoy seeing the crafts you all do. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is SO CUTE! I love it!!


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