Saturday, January 26, 2013

Meet Molly...


Today Jim & I took a trip to Petsmart, we also brought along Oliver, who was amazed by that store in general. Anyways... A local pet rescue was there with some puppies that were for adoption. The kids have been asking for a new puppy for quite some time, and I finally decided they were old enough to help take care of a puppy and since I am home during the day now that it would be ok. They had 5 boy puppies and 2 girl puppies, I went straight to a white fluffy furball and said "She's the one", Jim looked at me and eventually said ok...Off we went to find her some things for the house, and brought her home to our family. Welcome to our family Molly, we love you already! 

Molly is her chosen name from us, she part St. Barnard and part Husky. She is 8 weeks old.

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  1. She is beautiful!!!! How much does she weigh?


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