Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Vacuum Ideas Anyone?

Wow! I havent posted in some time now! I believe time has gotten away from me. 4 littles and living life have all kept me busy! Where to begin...

Schooling is going good. Gaby is learning to add and subtract hundreds in sets of 3. So for example,

She doesnt much care for that but it has to be done and she is trucking her way through it. She also learning to solve the problems and come up with the phrase it makes according to her math book. She likes those.
In reading she is on larger chapter books and seems to be doing awesome! She still gets stuck on some words but hey, who doesnt?!

Andrew has been figuring out number order, and how many shapes will make a certain picture in his math. He does really well. In reading he is starting to recognize 2 and 3 letter words, all the letter sounds and names which is awesome to me. He was born with a cleft pallet so it make some things harder for him.

In History we just started book 1 of Story of the World, the kids really like it. I didnt much care for what came with HOD this year for Gaby so I switched it out. Andrew does the little pilgrims book that came with his but listens in on Gaby's history stuff.

Handwriting and Spelling are going fine, we use A Reason for H/W; Spelling. They seem to good with those books.

For Science we have been studying all the things outside since winter is slowly making its way out for us, its been warmer here and the kids have enjoyed making nature bags and drawings of things outside. Gaby has been reading a lot of nature books she checks out from the library, she cant keep her eyes away from them(: Fine by me...I dont mind, she told me she wanted to work in the zoo one day!

Audio-books have been a blessing for the kids, they will turn them on while they free play and listen to endless stories. I try to limit TV and not allow them so much of it, children need to learn on their own sometimes too(:  Adventures in Odyssey have been a hit, as well as Nate the Great, The Boxcar Children and Mercy Watson.

As for Isaiah, he is almost 4 (will be in April) and my goodness this little guy is so smart. He loves to read and write things, anything if you'll let him. He has been practicing all his letters and numbers and reading up a storm of books(well rather listening to you read, but hey more cuddle time)...He loves playing and learning freely so I let him. Next year I am looking at starting him in K though since he is so eager to learn and seems ready for it.

Oliver, he is a mess. A complete stinker I should say. He is walking on his own and has for a few months now. He has his 4 front teeth but will NOT let you look at them. He gets into everything, for example, he pulls his diapers out of the trash, I bag them in bright blue bags and he goes right behind you and takes it out all while laughing. The other morning he came into my bathroom and picked up my dirty clothes and snuck off into the kids bathroom and threw them in the toilet, walked happily back to me right after he did that...needless to say all doors in the house are shut from now on (:  Gotta love toddlers. is great. I love that I get to help other people, and that I have some type of adult communication during the helps keep me in tune with the world and meeting new people is awesome!

Another topic is food in our house...we all love to eat. I grew up eating out all the time, neither of my parents were much of a cook...Jim grew up with his mom cooking their meals. I learned to cook after we moved out on our own or we would have starved to death(:  Here over the last few months we have happily shopped at Costco, our bulk retailer. I LOVE Costco...The majority of the foods they carry are organic and taste amazing. We have started eating so much healthier too, the kids love fruit so its wonderful that I can buy in bulk, they make fruit salads for breakfast and lunch and tend to eat clif kids bars for snacks, interesting enough they all love them...Oliver having the stomach issues he has, loves yogurt which I buy in bulk and his milk which is soy milk because he has major issues with cows milk...he cant digest it properly. The bulk of our groceries come from costco which is awesome for us, in the end its much cheaper too.

On another note, our vacuum broke. Bless it, it was 7 years old and had a wonderful life(:  However it took a turn and no longer works...I need a new vacuum, I cant stand the basement because it has carpet, and no vacuum for a week with littles is crazy and driving me insane needless to say. Any ideas on a good vacuum brand? I dont want to have to purchase another one for a while. So it needs to be a canister vac, has to work on multiple surfaces we have hardwoods, carpet, and tile. I would also like it to be light weight....Any ideas ladies?

Well I hope you all have a great week...thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

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  1. The last one I bought was a canister vac from lowes made by Electrolux. I love it but it's a little pricier than a hoover. The last Electrolux I had lasted about 15 years so I figured it was worth the extra $$. Lowes is cheaper than getting one from Electrolux themselves. Probably because it's not 100% Electrolux or something like that but sop far I've been pleased. Good luck finding one. And thanks for the updated blog.

  2. Glad that schooling is going well. Keep up the good work, kids!

    I have no recommendations on a vacuum. I have a Bissel and it's a heavy beast, loses suction and I hate it. It just won't die....


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