Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty Within Parenting...

Parenting is defined as:
1 : the raising of a child by its parents
2 : the act or process of becoming a parent
3 : the taking care of someone in the manner of a parent

When I became a mother it was one of the most precious, scariest, beautiful, and emotional times of my life. I remember holding a sweet baby girl at 5AM in a quiet hospital room being filled with some many emotions and weeping because I loved her so much, but at the same time was scared to death of being a mother. I did this same thing, yet in a different manner when my first son was born, I didn’t know how to be a “boy mom”…I didn’t know if I would be good at it, how much different boys are from girls, and all the things I would have to relearn, because boys simply are different then girls at raising. 2 more boys later I have it under my belt so to speak. All 4 of my children are different, they like different things, they need parenting differently, their emotions are different, and I have simply grown to love that about being a mother. They keep me on my toes.

However, like most mothers who stay home, I became overwhelmed after my 3rd child. I stopped taking as much care of myself because my focus was on my children and their needs have always came before my own. I would simply forget to eat until nap time, and it was a good day if I got a shower and was able to change from PJ’s within that nap time. My hair was long so it was mostly put in a bun right after my shower, I wouldn’t get it cut either, actually I believe then I would get it trimmed once a year because my mom felt bad for me and that was my birthday gift from her, a whole day of pampering for me.

Within the past year however I have realized that my children need a mother who takes care of herself. My daughter needs a role model, she is slowly becoming of age and needs to know its important to take care of herself. My boys need to have a role model as well, I want them to know that when they get married their wife deserves the pampering. I wouldn’t want them to marry someone who has a low self esteem, and doesn’t take care of themselves, because that can tarnish a marriage. Their wives represent them, and it is not good representation when you are in your PJ’s all day with greasy hair, and you never look nice.

I am not saying you need to try and look like those women on the magazine covers, all you need is a little blush, mascara, and curling iron to start. Just get out of those pajamas’s and do something different with yourself; It will pass along to your children, the mood changes when you take care of yourself, your children realize it, your husband realizes it and it makes you feel so much better!

My Biggest Tips for Stay at Home Moms:
  •           Invest in some simple cosmetics. Blush, mascara, eyeliner, and lip stains or butter.
  •           Check into beauty books your library has to learn new tricks
  •           Search the internet for new tips and tricks for hair and makeup
  •           Invest in some simple clothing, sweaters and skirts do wonders for you!
  •           Instead of hair ties, try hair clips and head bands that have a neat design
  •           Wake up before the kids and get ready, while doing that listen to a teaching on the Bible or something that is self help on audio, if that’s not your thing listen to music you like!
  •          Be sure to wash your makeup off so it doesn’t cause breakouts

Take care of yourself ladies, it does pass along to your children, and no beauty isn’t everything but it will make a difference in your life!

What are your biggest tips for stay at home/ work at home mothers?

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