Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bits of Winter & A Upcoming Series!

Winter isn't over here in CO...we got snow 2 days ago and it is still lingering around. One thing  I can say that I love about winter here in CO that I love is the sunrise and sunset on a daily basis. They always make you stop and think "WOW, God's amazing to be able to paint the sky so beautifully"...


Molly loves the snow, she runs around and plays in it when we let her outside during the day. She tends to roll in it and then come prancing inside like she is some cold weather diva (;  
The kids and miss Molly played outside a lot today in the remaining snow. The kids came in red and freezing while Molly trotted in with muddy paws and a snow covered nose! Its so cute!

Snow makes everything look like a wonderland. Everything is dusted in white and it makes you feel like your someplace new! The birds danced around the sky and trees all afternoon. I am in love with winter but I am ready for spring...And in that statement, I am going to host a series called Pieces of Beauty, it will be held and discussed from February 18th-March 1st 2013. Come back and join in on the conversation, I look forward to hearing some other thoughts on the topics at hand! If you have any questions for me please feel free to leave them in the comments and I will answer them as thoroughly as possible during the series!

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  1. Molly is so cute!!! Bet the kids have a ball with her!


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