Friday, February 22, 2013

Favorite Stops Online & In Shops...

Today I am going to share some of my favorite places to visit online and stores for inspiration, clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics! If you have any to share with me that would be great, leave it in the comments!

Online Inspiration:

To Purchase Online:

  • Mod Cloth { I love the items you can buy here, and they have really good prices} 
  • Old Navy { I love the sweaters, skirts, and dresses they have, not to mention the jeans }
  • Target { I browse the online store all the time to see new items from clothes, jewelry, to make up }
  • ELF Cosmetics { They do have a line in stores however their online shop has way more variety }
  • NYX { I actually believe they sale decent cosmetics on the cheap too, they are very similar to the high end brands just cheaper }

If Your Out & About:

  • Target { Its a MUST if you have one nearby, they have great cosmetics, jewelry, and clothing }
  • Old Navy { same as above, however the store carries jewelry on the cheap }
  • Wal-Mart { I love the Hard Candy and Flower Cosmetics they have }
  • Ross { This is another must, I love the dresses, and shoes here, cant beat the pricing either }
  • Marshals { Another Ross type store, and love the same items dresses and shoes }
  • Dollar Tree { You can sometimes luck up on hair accessories at this place, I sure have, and cant beat a buck }
  • JCPenny { 1 of our stores has a Sephora, I LOVE stopping into this store and looking at the cosmetics }
  • ULTA { we have 1 of these local too, they sale the same brands as Sephora in cosmetics }
  • Goodwill { I always luck up big time here, and the prices are great }

What about you? Any places online or out and about you would suggest?

Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog are that of my own unless otherwise stated; photographs that are not mine will be linked to the source I got them from. Please do not take any of my photographs without my written permission. Thank you!

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  1. These are great places to look at for inspiration and ideas. Especially Target and Ross...:)Thanks for sharing! Love you Bestie!


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