Monday, February 04, 2013

The Inner Princess...

Make-Up. That is a word that can make some say AWESOME or some completely cringe and run away. I am the one that says AWESOME.

Seriously, you should see my make-up stash. It is amazing. I have more make-up then shoes or bags. Honest.

My friend always tells me that I am “Such a girl”….to that I just smile and say “Thanks”!

What’s wrong with being a girl?! 

Personally I’d much rather be a girl, I love dresses, shoes, shopping, watching romantic movies, and most of all make-up. Its a art within itself and I am pretty good at doing it!

Growing up I remember playing “dress-up”…I would sit in the bathroom and go through my Mimi’s make-up and jewelry, she had a lot of it and it was fun to pretend I was some English speaking fancy lady who had a beautiful dress and sipped tea. I remember all the fun I had playing with my Mimi while my parents worked. She let me be a princess so to speak. She would even pretend with me which made it even more fun. I could do her make-up and hair and she would help me do mine. Win-Win situation for a little lady.

As I grew up I would watch my mom do her make-up, I would sit on the sink {she had a double sink in her bathroom} and talk to her all while watching her do her make-up. I remember asking so many questions about how to do this or that, she would smile and explain to me what it was for. I remember digging through her make-up drawer and looking at all the colors. She had a lot of red lipsticks and many shades of eye shadow that I thought were so beautiful.
When I got to the point I really liked make-up I was 16. I would dig through my mom’s magazines and look at all the ways to do make-up and hair, I would then pretty much live in my bathroom trying things out and figuring out what I liked. I dyed my own hair a million times until I found the perfect color.

When I become a mom to a little lady myself I was so thrilled because I remembered all the fun things I did growing up, all the times I played dress up and all the times I spent mixing colors together to find that right shade of something…My little lady is soon to be 8. This past summer I gave her a vanity and within in her vanity were some samples and misc make-up for her to play dress up with. She spends many days playing in her room doing her hair and make-up and even her dolls. She tries to round her younger brothers up but that is a no-no…She has the same love I had of wanting to be a princess…she will watch me get ready in the mornings and asks me a million questions just like I did my own mom….the beauty of imagination.

Now that I am a woman, along with my title as mom, I am also a wife. As a wife, I try my best to take care of myself inside and out. Not only does it make me feel better on about myself it also makes my husband react differently towards me. I believe it’s because he assumes I am in a good mood, it has nothing to do with the make-up itself. My mood is way better when I have taken the time to do something with myself rather than sit at home in my pajamas or sweats. My husband also takes very good care of himself for me so in return I want to take good care of myself for him.

What happens is as life becomes to hectic, you work or go to school, you may stay at home with your children all day, your spouse may work long hours, etc…we forget that we should take care of ourselves and take that time to be a princess so to speak. Do your make up and your hair, put on something that is not sweats or pajamas, something that shows you have a figure {embrace what you do have, we are not all a size 2, for that matter I am a 10/12 depending on the brand I wear and love my curves, so does my husband}.  

As for the makeup, you do NOT have to spend a fortune. It can be as costly as you make it. There are some good finds just in your regular isle at Wal-Mart or Target. I love Target’s isle of make-up, just my preference. My own makeup costs more than the average but I saved up and found something that I love and use it and don’t waste my money trying out things I know don’t work for me and my skin, its oily and prone to acne. Below is my own make-up list.

Boots #7 Foundation Mousse $12 @ Target

NP Set Foundation Powder $30 @ Target

Urban Decay Naked & Naked 2 Eye-Shadow @ Sephora $50 each

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer & Blush Duo @ Sephora $15 for the mini combo OR $30 each for regular size

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara @ Sephora $25

Sonia Kashuk Eye Definer @ Target $6 each {Mahogany for my base then I go over it with Plummy Bronze}

Lipstains whichever color of brand I prefer, I tend to stay in the pink shades nothing too bright or wham for me @ Target range from $7-$9 depending on the brand you want.

See what I mean on cost?! The thing with my collection of go-to’s is that it lasts FOREVER! I use my make-up on a daily basis except the weekends when I tend to go natural and let my skin breathe…I don’t need to buy new make up all the time, I found the colors I love which is in the brown family and the things that work for me. Now I do treat myself to new things once in a while however my go to stuff is what is listed above…I am all about quality in makeup, I have to be choosy here because again my skin is oily and prone to breakouts and on top of that I am blind as a bat and wear contacts so I cannot have flakey makeup or things that will irritate my eyes. My set works for me. All in all, it doesn’t take much to get going once you figure out your skin tone and the colors you choose to go with for your eyes…

Hair, all in all you only need a good curling brush or curling iron…if you like straight hair get a good straightener, however if you have curls, run with them, please… I have stick straight hair and it takes forever to get it to actually do something other then what it wants, so embrace your natural hair and don’t be afraid to try something new, cut, color, or style. Pinterest has amazing hair tips and tricks, and so does the internet, you can even grab some magazines and try out some hair styles…Just channel your inner little girl and don’t be afraid to play around with your hair and make-up, in order to really figure out what really works for you, your going to have to play around with it… (:  Most of all have fun with it, even if you just try a new lipstick or blush...or add a little color to your eyes...start small 

Go on, use your imagination, and find your inner princess ladies!

Style Ideas for Clothing-Biblical Homemaking-She shares a weekly post about what she wears and where she got it, a lot of it is thrifty!

The BeautyDepartment-this site teaches you tips and tricks on make-up

Hair Ideas-this is pretty self explanatory, just google hair styling ideas or tips and click on safe sites, Norton ok’s the sites for me.

If you have any make-up/hair tips or tricks you would like to share please do, I am always looking for new things to try out!

What is in your go to make-up kit? Where do you find new hairstyles to try?

Disclaimer: All photographs on this blog are that of my own unless otherwise stated; photographs that are not mine will be linked to the source I got them from. Please do not take any of my photographs without my written permission. Thank you!

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