Thursday, March 07, 2013

A Special Afternoon!

Lady Gaby's invitation for the afternoon!
Today I wanted to surprise the kids with some fun activity since everyone here has been sick. I actually feel a lot better but Gaby was still down and out for the count this morning. So, while I was getting ready I thought of making a special invitation for her to get her hair, makeup, and nails done with a royal lunch. She is always playing princess so I figured it would be right up her ally anyways. Amber aka Ethel my best friend and the kids auntie as they call her, was home today so she joined in helping. Above are the pics of the invites I "sent" to Gaby...Below are her pictures from her day.

Lady Gaby's hair & nails

Isaiah's Car Painting
The boys got to paint using toy cars before lunch....They LOVED it and made some great art paintings!

Andrew's Car Painting

Oliver, he's rotten! 
Oliver didnt do a thing but throw his bologna on the floor and laugh...he's rotten! Guess the boys feel better now, hopefully we can get rid of this sickness, because its for the birds!

Have a great afternoon!

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